The RPS Council

Council members are elected by the membership every two years.  The Officers, in conjunction with the rest of Council, may also co-opt up to to three additional members to Council. These are people who bring particular skills or expertise.  Council members are also Trustees.

Our current Council members are listed below:


Walter Benzie ARPS
   Robert Albright
Robert Albright FRPS

Geoff Blackwell ACCA ARPS
Honorary Treasurer
  Vanessa Slawson  Vanessa Slawson FRPS 
Robert Gates
Robert Gates ARPS
  David Cooke
Dr David Cooke FRPS
Richard Tucker ARPS

Richard Tucker ARPS


Dr Del Barrett ARPS

Council is supported by the Advisory Board made up of representatives from each Group and Region plus six elected members. For 2015-2017 the elected members of Advisory Board are: Anthony Holland-Parkin, Jay Charnock, Mike Cullis, R Keith Evans and John P Margetts. Richard Tucker is co-opted to represent the interests of the Overseas Chapters.